The First Multi-Family building to Dump its Dumpster

Quayside Village Dumping Their Dumpster In 2007

In 2007, North Vancouver’s Quayside Village Cohousing Community of 20 units became the first multifamily building to “Dump the Dumpster”.

Now that’s taking recycling to a sustainable level. Still today in 2015, we have not heard of another multifamily building to do this. And we would love more company, lots of company. Have you heard of anyone else reducing their waste by over 90%? Please tell us. We believe it’s the only way to reach balance for 7 Billion – and counting – fellow travelers.

Here’s the full page article in the Vancouver Sun, from that summer. Community member Michael forwarded it with the words: ” The image of Al Gore apparently kissing Brian’s hand….priceless.”

And this is the Community celebrating in the enclosure where the Dumpster used to be. We have replaced it with 4 small cans. 20 Households down to the equivalent of 2 cans. What a load off our collective shoulders, literally. This was the day ‘Garbage’ Died.

After this time, we became a Zero Waste culture where people strive to no longer throw out anything. Sometimes things get left in odd places in hopes of reuse, or that Brian can find a way to recycle it somehow. 

Quayside has hit 95% recycling on its best week (2 Cans! The equivalent to a single house). We have averaged 93% and our current community members, who are always plus or minus a few girlfriends, have been slipping back a little to 90%.

Still, this was a day of pure, Joyful Green Life, if there ever was one.

In the immortal words of William McDonough, one of the co-originators of the Cradle to Cradle, Zero Waste concept:

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